Heading South

On July 5th, Bruce and I will embark on a six month journey biking through South America. We will begin in Cartagena, Columbia and ride along the west coast to Ushuaia, Argentina. The tour will be directed by TDA Global Cycling tour.

We decided to go with a tour group for many reasons:

  • They carry our bags during the rides.
  • They will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner on ride days.
  • They plan the route.
  • Security when needed.
  • Bike mechanic on staff for any issues.
  • Meeting new people from different countries to suffer/enjoy the same route.
  • We don’t speak Spanish, yet.

If left to our own devices, Bruce and I would constantly argue about direction and get lost and back track, everyday… and probably end up divorced.

We have been riding a lot these last few weeks to train. Even though the baby Appalachian foothills in South Eastern Ohio are sufficient training, we will be smacked in the lungs by altitude in The Andes and Patagonia.

We have also been busy packing our home into storage. Our house and furniture has all been sold. Ziggy, our lovable fur baby, will be staying with a friend during the trip.

Follow us on this epic adventure. We hope to post every week or so when we are in larger cities with wifi.



6 responses to “Heading South”

  1. You crazy!


  2. Can’t wait to read about your adventures!


  3. Can’t wait to read about your adventures!


  4. We’re all looking forward to virtually traveling with you!


  5. looking forward to reading your adventures. So glad to know it’s with a group tour as security is number one, but love the fact they carry your luggage for you!! That’s a big perk!


  6. Amazing. Soak up every minute. Look around. Breath deeply. Pay attention to the details. Life will forever look and feel different with the lens of the world as your periscope.


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